IJMVT covers subject areas related to the metaverse, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and various aspects of digital transformation. Here are some specific subject areas related to this scope:

Metaverse Technologies: Exploration and analysis of the underlying technologies that enable the metaverse, such as blockchain, distributed ledgers, virtual worlds, and immersive platforms.

Virtual Reality (VR): Research on VR technology, its applications, hardware advancements, and its impact on various industries, including gaming, education, healthcare, and training.

Augmented Reality (AR): Studies on AR applications, wearable AR devices, and how AR enhances the real-world environment with digital information and experiences.

Digital Transformation: Discussions on how businesses, industries, and society at large are undergoing digital transformations, with a focus on the role of the metaverse and virtual experiences.

Social and Economic Implications: Analysis of the social, economic, and ethical implications of the metaverse, including its influence on communication, privacy, identity, and online communities.

Virtual Commerce and Economics: Examination of the virtual economy, virtual currencies, digital assets, and how businesses can leverage the metaverse for commercial purposes.

Virtual Collaboration and Remote Work: Studies on how virtual environments and immersive technologies are changing the way people collaborate and work remotely.

Virtual Art and Entertainment: Exploration of virtual art forms, virtual concerts, digital entertainment, and the convergence of traditional entertainment with the metaverse.

Education and Training in Virtual Environments: Research on the use of the metaverse for educational purposes, virtual classrooms, skill development, and training simulations.

Gaming and Gamification: Discussions on the integration of gaming elements and mechanics in non-gaming contexts within the metaverse.

User Experience and Interaction: Studies on user interface design, user experience, and human-computer interaction in virtual environments.

Security and Privacy in the Metaverse: Analysis of the challenges and solutions related to security, data privacy, and digital rights in virtual spaces.

Cultural and Societal Impact: Exploration of how the metaverse influences cultural practices, social norms, and societal behaviors.

Artificial Intelligence in the Metaverse: Research on the role of AI in creating realistic virtual environments, AI-driven avatars, and virtual assistants within the metaverse.

Mixed Reality and Extended Reality: Discussions on the integration of VR, AR, and other immersive technologies to create mixed reality experiences.

This journal would serve as a platform for researchers, developers, and practitioners to share their findings, innovations, and insights in the rapidly evolving fields of the metaverse and virtual transformation.