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1 PhD Student in Library and Information Science, Iran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Tehran, Iran.

2 Knowledge and Information Science-Knowledge Management, Management and Economics Faculty, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran

3 Medical student of Shahed University, Tehran, Iran,

4 Associate Professor of Information Science, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran


Since the progress of science towards specialization, a kind of distance between awareness and knowledge has been created. But there are some views that believe that since all sciences are born of a single science, then the world of science should become a single land. An example of such a view is evident in cybernetics. Cybernetics emerged from the 20th century and has entered most sciences with the aim of investigating the nature of control and communication in humans, machines, and animals, as well as by paying attention to concepts such as communication, control, feedback, stability, regulation, information, etc. Metaverse is also an emerging phenomenon in which we witness the interaction between man and machine and actually the interaction between physical and virtual space. The study of sources shows the wide application of cybernetics in various sciences, and considering the importance and practical role of cybernetics in order to solve problems, control and regulate systems and create stability and stability in various sciences, in the present research, a review of the available studies in a library method in the field of cybernetics applications until its applications as a unit in various sciences such as industry, physics, chemistry, computer science, management, information storage and retrieval systems, cyber security, psychiatry (psychocybernetics), physiology, biology (biocybernetics), control Bioelectricity and medicine should be investigated in the metaverse space. By using cybernetic principles in various sciences, Metaverse can be used for its evolution to adapt to the life of humanity.


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