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MSc, Accounting, Faculty of Accounting, Islamic Azad University, Tehran West Branch, Tehran, Iran.


With the development of technology and the increasing use of the Metaverse in various industries, it is significant for different businesses to know and understand this environment. This research has identified the important components for implementing national services in the metaverse environment. Using a systematic review of reliable databases, we conducted a search and screened the articles. After the screening process, we selected 45 articles for review. The criteria for selecting the articles were the keywords "financial services" and "Metaverse." The knowledge required to implement financial services in the Metaverse ecosystem was divided into 10 knowledge categories, including Virtual Economics and Digital Currencies, Blockchain Technology, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, User Behavior and Experience, Regulatory Compliance, Cross-platform Interoperability, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Virtual Governance and Decentralization, Financial Inclusion and Accessibility, Market and Economic Research. The findings provide valuable insights and recommendations that can assist stakeholders in developing secure, efficient, and user-centric financial solutions within the rapidly evolving virtual landscape.


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